Cabins & camping

Category A:

Cabins with 1 room , 13 sq. meters. The cabins have 2 bunk beds and a double sofa.

Other facilities: Refrigerator / freezer, hot plate, electric heat, comfortable chairs.

Suitable for 2 persons.

Category B:

Cottage with living room / kitchen and 2 bedrooms, 28 sq. meters.

Other facilities: Water, toilet, sink, electric mini cooker and kitchen equipment / cutlery and plates for 4 persons.

Suitable for 2-4 persons.

Category C:

Comfortable and well equipped cabin, 40 sq. meters, with 2 bedrooms. Hot and cold water.

Suitable for 2-4 persons.

Category D:

Our largest and best equipped cabins. 55 sq. meters, with 2 bedrooms.

The cabin features modern facilities like shower and TV, for an extra fee.


Small campsite beautifully situated by a river lake. Approximately 15 parking spaces available.

Electricity hook-up and barbecue area.